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Volunteers Needed

Looking for more ways to get involved at Minnie Gant in 2022/2023? Check out information about what programs are and sign up to help here!

Why PTA?

Where do our PTA funds go? Check out this flyer for a crash course in PTA 101:


our PTA Board Members 2021-22

Congratulations to our new board members for the 2021-2022 year, and thank you to our outgoing board members from this year. The PTA board members give considerable time to our school, going to meetings, going to trainings, and going that extra mile to plan and run programs for our kids. Many have served for several years while welcoming and training newer members to maintain a strong PTA and Gant community. So welcome, new members, and thank you to all. We are very grateful Gators!



Contact Info


Jessica Reed

Vice President

Kelly Shanedling


Jasmine Lacsamana

Corresponding Secretary

Sharlene Siegel

Financial Secretary

Cristina Pruchyanimit


Emily Contreras


Tarah Petrone


Olliesha Kwesi


Lauren Brockington


Adrienne Gomer

Recording Secretary

Abby Tatlilioglu


Ways & Means

Katie Kilkenny & Christina Gentilini


Cassie Fanton


All members of the PTA Board (described below) are needed at two meetings per month. Currently, those meetings take place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, starting at 6:30pm. Childcare is available at the 4th Wednesday meeting. 

If two meetings per month is not doable for you, the PTA is also in need of Chairs who take on responsibility for a singular role, assemblies, programs or fundraisers throughout the year. A list of these events can be provided at the end of the school year if you would be interested in becoming involved in that way.

  • Minimal time commitment = 1-3 hours per week in addition to attending two meetings per month
  • Moderate time commitment = 3-6 hours per week in addition to attending two meetings per month
  • Major time commitment = Hours vary per month. Some months are a minimal time commitment, while others (event months/weeks) are upwards of 50-80 per month. Could potentially delegate roles to Sub-Committee Chairs or Co-Chair the Board Position.

Auditor:  Audits the PTA financial data generated by the Treasurer and Financial Secretary every three months. (Moderate time commitment.)

Financial Secretary: Counts incoming money and makes weekly deposits. Completes data entry regarding any incoming funds on a weekly basis. Also makes deposits after any big financial event. (Moderate time commitment.)

Corresponding Secretary: Creates and solicits articles for the website. Sends follow-up correspondence (“Thanks”) to sponsors and people/businesses who have made other donations. (Minimal time commitment.) 

Historian: Collects photos and other data for use during things like 5th grade promotion.  Makes sure after each school event, there is an image and brief description that is entered into a log. (Minimal time commitment.)   

Legislation: Informs the PTA when new laws may influence the workings of the PTA. Primarily this comes up during election years. Also leads the group in the flag salute at all meetings. (Minimal time commitment.)

Membership: Runs new membership drives at the start of the year. (Major time commitment for the first two months of school to run the Membership drive, then minimal time commitment thereafter.)

Parliamentarian: Is in charge of making sure that the PTA is following PTA rules and procedures during meetings. (Minimal time commitment.)

Programming: Is responsible for all PTA Programs, 20-30 per year. These include: Fall Carnival, Welcome Picnic, Red Ribbon Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc. Think: community building, not fundraising. Could efficiently maximize this position with sub-chair delegations. (Major time commitment.)

President: This position is best served by someone who has previously been a PTA Board Member.

Recording Secretary: Take minutes at meetings and distributes them within the week, then makes revisions to minutes, as necessary, per board member feedback. Responsible for getting minutes bound at the end of the school year. (Minimal time commitment.)

Room Parent Coordinator: Collects information coming in from PTA chairs and drafts a single email distributed to room parents every week. (Minimal time commitment.)

Treasurer: Cuts PTA checks on a weekly basis on Friday mornings.  Also creates financial reports for all meetings and maintains the budget. (Moderate/Major time commitment.)

Vice President: This position is best served by someone who has previously been a PTA Board Member.

Ways and Means: Runs all PTA fundraising events, 6-10 per year. These include: Charleston Wrap, Fun Run, Family Nights Out and Party For A Purpose & Silent Auction. Could efficiently maximize this position with sub-chair delegations. (Major time commitment.)

Unofficial Positions:

  • Social Media
  • Webmaster
  • Green Team Chair
  • DEI Chair
2022 PTA MeetingS

Please mark your calendar for our next PTA association meeting:

All done for this school year! See you in the fall! 

Location: Gant library
This month's agenda 

Childcare available in the cafeteria. We hope to see you there!

PTA meeting post-it note

Upcoming meetings:


PTA Resources

Robert's Rules of Order Cheat Sheet

California State Parliamentary Procedure - rules for conducting our PTA meetings