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After-School and Community Activities


Effective 2019/2020 school year, our school will no longer distribute paper flyers. In an effort to be "green," we will accept ONE district-approved flyer and distribute your flyer electronically, via e-mail to our school community and post on our school website.

You may bring your flyer directly to our office, or e-mail it to:

New This Week

No new flyers this week.

Upcoming or Current

Free Braces for Kids - Dept of Children and Family Services

free braces - just for kids

Valter Paiva Spring Break Tennis Camp

LBSU Women's Volleyball 2019 Clinics & Camps - Spring/Sum

LBUSD Womens Basketball

LBSU Women's Volleyball 2019 Spring Clinics

LBUSD women s volleyball

LBSU Women's Volleyball 5/24/19 Spring Clinic

beach women s volleyball elite spring clinic

LBSU Women's Volleyball 2019 Consent Form - Summer

consent form