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Science, Technology, Engineering & MATH

Did you know we have a Science Lab? More info coming soon!


We've got lots of programs, from Meet the Masters to chorus and drums. Here are a couple highlights. 

Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters is a historical, culturally diverse, standards-based art program that has existed since the 1980s. It introduces children to a wide variety of artists and artists' styles and allows them to re-create art in the style of the famous artists. The children are first given a lesson on the lives of the Master artists and shown a variety of examples of their artwork by a specially trained person from the program. After learning the inspiration and techniques of each Master, the children are guided step-by-step through the art project by the Meet the Masters teacher.

All classes, kindergarten through fifth grade, and our Success Friends all participate in this program. (As of now, there is not an MTM program for TK.)

The PowerPoint lesson on the Masters' lives and artwork are shown in the auditorium for grades 1 to 5. This part of the lesson is done in the classroom for kindergartners. The main art lesson is done in the classroom, guided by the Meet the Masters teacher.

The children are introduced to four artists a year. The lessons are spread out throughout the year, and each year a new artist is introduced. In total, there are 35 different artists.

2017-2018 was Gant's first year participating in this program.

Violin (Grade 3)

Students in the Long Beach Unified School District in grade 3 may enroll for free class instruction on violin. Flyers are distributed in class at the beginning of the school year, and students remain in the class for the entire school year unless excused by the music teacher and the principal. LBUSD elementary schools have a limited instrument inventory for student use. Class enrollment is based on the instrument inventory at each site. In the case of more students wishing to participate than there are instruments available, a lottery is used for student placement. All remaining students are placed on a waiting list and allowed to participate as instruments become available.