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Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS & MATH


Amplify and Mystery Science

Amplify Science is the new district-adopted hands-on science program that all classrooms received materials for. Some grade levels may supplement with Mystery Science, which all grade levels have access to.

Ground Education

In Spring 2022, Leadership Long Beach volunteers built six garden box planters for our students to use next school year and learn how to plant and grow their own food.

This project was a collaboration between our PTA Green Team, Leadership Long Beach, and Ground Education. Ground Education is a non-profit organization that will be on campus starting Fall 2022 to bring monthly lessons to our students in outdoor garden, science, and sustainability that support a broad range of CA Content Standards.

Technology & Engineering

We have Google Chromebook carts in every classroom, TK-5.  

We believe technology shall be integrated into the curriculum both as a tool for teaching and learning.  We provide specific instruction to provide our students with the necessary skills to compete and thrive in a competitive environment.

Roblox Coding

Robloks 3D modeling has arrived at Gant! Fourth- and fifth-graders are provided an experience to create 3D virtual worlds, all while learning important skills for tomorrow’s future. 


We've got lots of programs, from Meet the Masters to chorus and violin. Here are a couple highlights. 

Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters is a historical, culturally diverse, standards-based art program that has existed since the 1980s. It introduces children to a wide variety of artists and artists' styles and allows them to re-create art in the style of the famous artists. The children are first given a lesson on the lives of the Master artists and shown a variety of examples of their artwork by a specially trained person from the program. After learning the inspiration and techniques of each Master, the children are guided step-by-step through the art project by the Meet the Masters teacher.

All classes, kindergarten through fifth grade, and our Success Friends all participate in this program. (As of now, there is not an MTM program for TK.)

The children are introduced to four artists a year. The lessons are spread out throughout the year, and each year a new artist is introduced. In total, there are 35 different artists.

2017-2018 was Gant's first year participating in this program.

California Weekly Explorer

California Weekly Explorer provides history presentations for our fourth- and fifth-graders to stimulate their creativity, intellect, and ethics. 

Walk Through California™ allows fourth grade students to learn about major events that shaped our great state of California. Drama, dance, games, and music support students’ listening skills, vocabulary development, history and geography standards. A large topographical map of California is built for students to experience California’s geography hands-on.

In Walk Through the American Revolution™, fifth-graders explore the famous events, historical figures, and relevant vocabulary of this pivotal point in America’s history. Through dramatic activities, students “become” famous men and women of the American Revolution. Flags, maps, re-enactments, music, and games help students explore and understand the importance of American liberty and patriotism.


All grades get a choir teacher who comes in their classroom throughout the year. 

Violin (GradeS 3 & 4)

Students in the Long Beach Unified School District in grade 3 and 4 may enroll for free class instruction on violin. Flyers are distributed in class at the beginning of the school year, and students remain in the class for the entire school year unless excused by the music teacher and the principal. Class enrollment is based on the instrument inventory at each site.

Instrumental Music (Grade 5)

Students in the Long Beach Unified School District in grade 5 may be eligible for free class instruction on violin, flute, clarinet, or trumpet. If your student played violin in 4th grade, they may choose to continue in 5th grade. Students may participate in beginning flute, clarinet, or trumpet instruction regardless of prior experience. The class is held in person and consists of a weekly assignment and one live meeting per week with the instructor. Class enrollment and instrument choice is based on the instrument inventory at each site.