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Teacher and Staff Spotlights

In October 2020, we launched a new column to spotlight our wonderful teachers and staff here at Gant. Read about them here in our archives.


A full list of teachers' classroom numbers and extensions is available here

Transitional Kindergarten
Contact Jacklyn Love  Jacklyn Love Teacher
Contact Trinette Coster  Trinette Coster Teacher
Contact Cameron Little  Cameron Little Teacher
Contact Joan Russell  Joan Russell Teacher
Contact Kristen Stuckenberg  Kristen Stuckenberg Teacher
First Grade
Contact Paula Goldberg  Paula Goldberg Teacher
Contact Lorine Hankinson  Lorine Hankinson Teacher
Contact Ann Jay  Ann Jay Teacher
Contact Persephone Swallow-Quinney  Persephone Swallow-Quinney Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Mariah Biri  Mariah Biri Teacher
Contact Katy Fisher  Katy Fisher Teacher
Contact Kimberly Loprieato  Kimberly Loprieato Teacher
Contact Lindsay Moss  Lindsay Moss Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Michelle Johnson  Michelle Johnson Teacher
Contact Kathleen Suarez  Kathleen Suarez Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Mrs. Karlowitsch  Mrs. Karlowitsch Teacher
Fourth/Fifth Grade Combo
Contact Jennifer Barragan  Jennifer Barragan Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Maria Heck  Maria Heck Teacher
Contact Lynda Peoples  Lynda Peoples Teacher
Special Education
Contact Lisa Astle  Lisa Astle Teacher
Contact Maria LoTempio  Maria LoTempio Teacher
Contact Terri Mace  Terri Mace Teacher