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School Uniforms



 Monday - Thursday: 

  • Red (solid)
    • T-shirts (Gant or plain) 
    • Collared shirts
  • White (solid)
    •  T-shirts (Gant ONLY)
    • Collared shirts
  • *solid red or blue dresses are acceptable


  • Fun Friday
    • Any Gant T-shirts
    • 1st Friday of the month: College wear

Navy Blue -- plain/solid colors Only      

      No denim, sweatpants, running pants, stripes, basketball shorts, or short shorts

Leggings -- if worn as pants, MUST be navy blue (if worn under a dress or skirt, they can be a pattern or color)


(solid colors)

Must be Red, Navy Blue or White Sweaters, Sweatshirts

Any logos on the front other than a Gant logo should be fist-sized or smaller.

Any color jacket, winter coat or rain coat is acceptable. Please follow individual teacher policy on where to hang these items up.


Sun-protective hats may be worn outdoors to protect against skin cancer under Senate Bill 310.

Baseball caps may also be worn to limit sun exposure. Caps must be worn with the bill facing forward and removed when in buildings.

Shoes Closed footwear that covers the entire foot must be worn for safety reasons. Open sandals, high-heeled shoes. slipper-type shoes and flipflops are hazardous on the school playground and are not appropriate for school.


New for 2018-19
Holiday Wear

Students will be able to wear accessories, or specific colored T-shirts with holiday print for     the     specific holidays. If the holiday follows on a weekend, then they can wear the attire on the Friday before.

  • Halloween - black/orange shirts (no costumes)
  • Veterans Day - red/white/blue
  • Christmas - green/red shirts
  • Valentine's Day - red/pink
  • St. Patrick's Day - green
  • May 24 - free dress
5th grade
We will have a uniform clothing drive on Friday, June 7. If you turn in any uniforms, you will be given free dress the last week of school.


School Uniforms for Sale

Uniform sales will be held every Friday morning during the school year from 8am-9am in the PTA room.  Any questions, contact Jessica Reed at