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Explore this year's Earth Week Newsletter and last year's videos for Green resources and information.

Green Team

Reduce, reuse, recycle

The Minnie Gant Green Team strives to be an environmentally positive example for our Long Beach Community and our school.

The Green Team works to promote appreciation of the environment and involve the whole school community in taking action to become stewards of the Earth.

The Green Team cultivates and implements ideas to reduce waste, and to encourage students and staff to make choices that help reduce the Carbon Footprint of our school. 


Press release from the Long Beach Unified School District:

October 02, 2020

Twenty-four schools recently earned awards of $500 to $3,000 from the Long Beach Unified School District to be used for green projects focused on environmental stewardship.

Bronze awards provide $500 for custodial green projects and $1,000 for green projects. Silver awards provide $750 for custodial green projects and $2,000 for green projects. Gold awards provide $750 for custodial green projects and $3,000 for green projects.

Gold awards went to Franklin, Gant, Hughes, Keller, Rogers, Muir and Whittier schools. Silver awards went to Cabrillo, Garfield, Kettering, Prisk, Stevenson and Tincher. Bronze awards went to Browning, Harte, Henry, Jefferson, Lindbergh, Newcomb, Powell, Renaissance, Robinson, Stanford and Stephens.

Schools submitted applications for the first ever Think Green Waste Reduction Stewardship Awards, which aim to help schools and their Green Teams to expand their green efforts. In recent years, local schools have reduced hundreds of tons of waste. Students have learned to pack trash-free lunches, sort materials for recycling and advocate for environmentally friendly practices.



To see the list of awards and reduction policies, please click here.

Grades of Green: Waste Reduction Campaign 2020

Our Gant 5th Grade Student Council has been involved in an International Waste Reduction Campaign with Grades of Green. In participating in this campaign, our Student Council Green Team is given the opportunity to take a stance and make a difference in our school and community. If our team is successful in completing the phases of the program, they will have the chance to win $1,000 for our school. 

Here are the phases and actions taken by our Eco-Leaders at Gant:

Phase 1: The Team created a WHY statement which expressed our concern for the Earth and Marine Life that are negatively affected by plastic pollution. We believe plastic pollution is a problem that can be solved. 

Phase 2: The team established their SMART goal to divert over 3,000 pieces of disposable plastic utensils, cups and plates due to classroom parties from going into our trash system and possibly polluting our ocean, by creating reusable Zero Waste Classroom Party Kits for our school to use and reuse over and over. For Gant, this is a win-win -- reducing waste and also saving the cost of the disposable items in the long run. 

Phase 3: The Team has created a video pitch asking for the support from our teachers, students, staff and PTA parents. 

View the Student Council Slideshow here.

See them make their pitch here.