General Information


We are required by law to account for all absences. Allowable absences are outlined in the Guidelines for Parents and Students and detailed under Education Code 48205 and are generally limited to illness (illness more than three consecutive days require Dr's note to excuse absence(s)). When it is necessary for your child to be absent, it is essential you send a note when your child returns, stating the child's first and last name, teacher, reason for absence and date of absence(s), and your signature. Please provide a professional note from any appointments (Dr., Dentist, Ortho, Eye Dr., Therapist etc.) otherwise it will be marked as an unexcused absence. Our automated telephone system will call Parent when absences are reported by the teacher. Tardies, early outs, and absences negatively impact the educational process. Our students learn when they come to school. Parents may monitor their child's absence(s) through ParentVue.


We need to be aware of any allergies that may affect your child with specific direction from your child's physician, if necessary. On occasion during the school year, food may be prepared and eaten as part of a classroom lesson. A notice concerning any allergies your child may have will be sent home by your child's teacher before this type of activity occurs. Students with severe allergies should have appropriate prescribed medications on file.

For more information on special diets, please visit the LBUSD Nutrition Services web page.


Each student is required to be at school on time each day. Students who arrive after 8:00 a.m. are marked Tardy. Students arriving late or leaving early can have a negative impact on the individual student and the classroom. Additionally, students with excessive tardiness, those who leave early and/or have excessive absences will generate a notification from LBUSD notifying you that your child has been reported as a Truancy to the LBUSD attendance supervisor. Students who arrive 30 minutes or less after the opening of school can report directly to class. Students arriving more than 30 minutes late must report to the school office for a late slip.

If your child must leave during the day, parents must come in to the office to sign out and pick him/her up. Your child will be called to the office and released to the parent/guardian. It is most helpful if a note is sent with your child in the morning alerting the teacher that your child will be leaving early. Only the person(s) listed on the emergency/enrollment cards may pick up your child. Be advised that a picture ID is required. Please be aware that "early sign outs" affect your child's attendance record.

Positive attendance supports your student's achievement. Every day a student misses school, he/she is at risk of falling behind academically. Not only is the missed day lost, the return day is spent catching up. Every day a student attends school is also a lesson in responsibility and commitment.

Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10 percent or more of the school year, which is equivalent to 18 days out of a 180-day school year, regardless of whether absences are excused or unexcused. Truancy refers to unexcused/unverified absences and excessive tardies.

LBUSD Attendance Parent Notification Policy

LBUSD School Attendance Brochure

Students on Campus

Students are not allowed on campus prior to 7:30 am as there is no supervision.  Students who arrive at 7:30 must report directly to the cafeteria whether or not they intend to have breakfast.  Students arriving at 7:40 may report directly to the playground.

Additionally, all students must be picked up no later than 3:30 pm as supervision is only provided from dismissal until 3:30.  Thank you for your cooperation

Visitors on Campus

Please assist us in keeping all of our students safe.  We need ALL Visitors to come to the office prior to entering campus. This includes VIPS and PTA members conducting PTA business. Thank you for your cooperation.